HMRC webinars on benefits and VAT

25 Jul 2018

HMRC have produced a series of informative webinars that will be of interest to an employer who provides expenses and benefits to employees.

Details of their upcoming webinars and links to join are below;

Expenses and benefits – case studies: Providing an overview of tax and National Insurance for benefits provided to employees, this webinar covers medical insurance, personal bills, cash and non-cash vouchers and the use of a company credit or debit card.
Monday 30 July – 9am to 10am

Expenses and benefits – entertaining staff: If you provide free or subsidised food and drink at work or social functions for your employees, this webinar tells you when you need to report it to HMRC.
Tuesday 31 July – 3pm to 3:40pm

Expenses and benefits – trivial benefits: This webinar provides an overview of trivial benefits, including what they are, the conditions that have to be met to be exempt from reporting to HMRC and what your responsibilities are.
Thursday 2 August – 9am to 9:45am

You can also catch up with 'Expenses and benefits – an introduction' – a recorded webinar for any employer who pays expenses or provides benefits to employees and wants to know more.

VAT accounting schemes: This webinar covers the annual accounting scheme, cash accounting scheme and the flat rate scheme – could one of these help your business?
Monday 30 July – 3pm to 4pm

VAT Flat Rate Scheme: We’ll show you how to find the rate for your business type and when you can reclaim VAT on capital expenditure goods.
Friday 3 August – 9am to 10am

Not joined a webinar (online presentation) before? This guide will tell you what you need to do.