Most people living in advanced economies want to see their government increase taxes on the rich, and almost 40% would be willing to pay extra taxes to fund healthcare and pensions, according to an OECD survey of 21 countries. 

The research is based on a poll of over 22,000 people aged 18 to 70, who were asked about their worries and concerns and how well they think their government helps them tackle social and economic risks. In response to the statement should the government tax the rich more than they currently do in order to support the poor', in every country surveyed, 60% of respondents picked yes' or definitely yes'.

In Greece, Germany, Portugal and Slovenia, the share rose to 75% or more. An average of almost 40% also said they would be willing to pay an extra 2% of their own income in taxes for better health care and pensions, with some age differences. Young people were most likely to prioritise better housing supports, for instance, and parents more likely than others to favour better education services.

About the Author: Glen Callow

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