Chamber brings Godiva and Prime together

25 Jan 2019

Here at Prime, we welcome the opportunity to work with other successful businesses. We take pride in how the company is integrated within the local business community, and this is due in part to our involvement with the Chamber of Commerce for creating an environment to meet other likeminded businesses.

We have recently started working with Godiva Group Limited, whom we were introduced to by Coventry Chamber. Godiva are a Coventry based firm who operate from offices within the city and also have additional offices in Manchester and Leeds. Their range of services includes the design and installation of access scaffolding and temporary works, working with both system and traditional tube and fitting. Their engineering teams devise solutions that meet access and scaffolding objectives in the most efficient way whilst balancing the demand for ‘Total Safety’ which is a factor that is of upmost importance to their organisation.

Godiva Group is led by directors Colin Taylor and Karl Degroot who have been working with Steve Harcourt from Prime. Steve has been providing guidance on the financial aspects of the business and restructuring the company. Steve contributes to the firm by being on hand to offer financial advice and has provided guidance through quarterly financial and ad hoc meetings on issues such as tax efficient remuneration and restructuring the legacy of debt. As a growing firm who are opening new offices, the directors required tax advice regarding capital equipment purchases which are a necessity for the business.

As Godiva Group is a company that has gone from strength to strength and rapidly grown in the past 4 years, it is essential that they receive business and financial advice from a trusted source. At Prime, we have built a relationship with the business and learnt the ins and outs of the day to day workings in order to advise them in the best way we possibly can. Steve immersed himself in the business at the start of the relationship in order to spot necessary financial improvements and to encourage the firm to proactively implement them, which would not only benefit the financial aspects of the company, but the business as a whole.

As the company has branched out in recent years and opened offices in Manchester and Leeds alongside their existing Coventry office, their success has been proven by the awards they have won such as the Business Sustainability award at the Coventry Telegraph Business Awards last year.  The changes made have allowed the company to organically grow and develop into a larger firm with Prime’s help, now having an improved financial structure to support them.

In order to continue this growth and support, we plan to run a Tax Diagnostics Review of the business and directors as individuals in the upcoming months, which will allow Steve to deeply assess the business’s financial structure further and seek areas which can be improved upon or fixed. 

Prime Director, Steve Harcourt comments “We encourage all our clients to integrate us within their operations and see us as a consistent point of contact throughout the year so that we can be proactive rather than reactive.  In our experience such relationships prove to be vital to the success of our clients. We are committed to developing long term relationships with our clients and providing a service above and beyond a level that only fulfils your statutory requirements.”

Colin Taylor comments “We have seen many benefits from having Steve on board at Godiva. Having someone assist us who is fully immersed in our business is critical to us as he truly understands what we do and how we are aiming to grow as a business. Steve is proactive and offers great advice and assistance when needed and always shows an extensive knowledge of the solutions he provides us with.”