“We thought you only did Single Joint Appointments”

1 Jul 2019

When I heard this I thought our communication isn’t as good as it should be, so let me put that right.

As experts, we know how valuable our reports are in proceedings, but we also know that a small piece of advice can be just as valuable.

This is why we developed our Forensic Lite service.

Forensic Lite is expert advice on the issues that you need advice on in order to progress your case. This can be on a single isolated issue, for example, the capital gains tax on selling the former matrimonial home, or on broader issues such as questions to be raised on the business following receipt of Form E.

Forensic Lite can be deployed at any point in the case, pre-proceedings and within proceedings, and can be used in a shadow role to assist in the instruction and appointment of a single joint expert, to review and raise questions on the SJE’s report, or even to challenge the conclusions and support an application for a Daniels v Walker order.

We have been providing the Forensic Lite service for many years, and have many regular users who see the benefits of getting advice from experienced forensic accountants. However, its clear from the quote above that we are still perceived as just SJE’s by some.

If you thought we only did SJE reports we would love to tell you more about Forensic Lite, over the phone or over a coffee.

Get in touch with Adrian or Leigh to find out more.