Prime Accountants Group

An award-winning firm of chartered accountants delivering expert advice since 2006.

Award-winning Accountants

Prime Accountants Group is the leading independent firm of chartered accountants, forensic accountants, business and financial advisors in the West Midlands, with offices in Birmingham, Coventry and Solihull.

Our team of award-winning experts deliver a wide range of services to our clients in line with our brand values. As a company, we pride ourselves on providing accurate and honest advice that our clients can trust. Our team is always available to simplify the complex, cut through the jargon and help clients prosper.

Your Choice of Accountant for Every Sector

Prime Accountants Group boasts specialised teams across all disciplines and a wealth of knowledge across all services, enabling us to provide our business clients with advice and guidance, with accountant services, wealth management, corporate tax planning and legal, all under one roof.

We successfully work across all business sectors and with businesses of every size, building long-term relationships and delivering exceptional success. In fact, our 95 per cent client retention rate underlines our commitment to service excellence.

At Prime Accountants Group, we also provide a full range of personal accountant services, including tax planning, self-assessment, income tax and tax liabilities.

Independent Chartered Accountants – Simplifying the Complex

What makes Prime Accountants Group truly exceptional is our collective dedication to providing a personalised service for every client.

A core element of our service is client communication and knowledge sharing. By eliminating jargon and complexity, we foster a transparent and straightforward approach to all services that delights clients, leading to exceptional customer satisfaction and loyalty year after year.

The team’s unwavering commitment to excellence and putting clients first sets them apart as a true standout, not just in the West Midlands, but in the industry as a whole.

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We are a large enough firm to offer a range of specialist services and proud to do so while retaining a personal approach. We create bespoke packages for clients to meet their needs. Let’s discuss your accountancy requirements and a service level we could provide you and your business.

Our Heritage

Prime Accountants Group has proudly grown from its humble beginnings into a pillar of the Midlands business landscape. With offices in Coventry, Solihull, and Birmingham our firm’s roots run deep, reflecting a commitment to excellence that spans generations.

Our Specialist Sectors

Prime Accountants excels in serving diverse industries with tailored financial expertise. Our specialists navigate the unique challenges of each sector, offering precision in accounting, taxation, and advisory services. With a deep understanding of industry dynamics, we ensure that our clients receive strategic financial guidance that aligns with the specific needs and goals of their business. From healthcare to technology, manufacturing to hospitality, Prime Accountants is your trusted partner for comprehensive financial solutions, propelling businesses toward sustained success in their respective industries.

Property & Construction

Prime Accountants bolsters the property and construction sector by providing specialised accounting expertise. They optimise financial processes, ensure compliance with industry regulations, and offer strategic financial guidance, promoting efficiency, profitability, and project success.

Hospitality & Restaurants

Prime Accountants fortifies the hospitality and restaurant sector through adept accounting. They enhance financial management, control costs, navigate industry-specific tax nuances, and provide strategic advice, ensuring fiscal health, compliance, and sustained profitability for businesses in this dynamic industry.

Manufacturing & Production

Prime Accountants elevates the manufacturing and production sector by delivering specialised accounting proficiency. They optimise cost structures, streamline financial processes, navigate complex regulations, and provide strategic insights, fostering financial stability, operational efficiency, and long-term growth for businesses in this sector.

Transport & Logistics

Prime Accountants enhances the transport and logistics sector through expert accounting. They streamline financial operations, optimise cost structures, navigate regulatory complexities, and offer strategic insights. This ensures fiscal health, compliance, and sustained profitability for businesses operating in the dynamic transport and logistics industry.

Who We work with

Prime Accountants offers versatile support for businesses of all types and sizes. They optimise financial processes, manage tax intricacies, ensure compliance and provide strategic insights, fostering financial health, efficiency and sustained success across diverse business landscapes.

Small Businesses

Prime Accountants empowers small businesses with tailored accounting expertise. They manage finances, optimise tax strategies, ensure compliance and offer strategic advice. This support fosters financial stability, growth and overall success for small businesses navigating the complexities of their financial landscape.


Prime Accountants bolsters contractors with specialised accounting expertise. They streamline financial operations, optimise project-specific budgeting, navigate tax intricacies and offer strategic advice. This ensures contractors’ financial health, compliance and profitability in the dynamic construction and project management environment.


Prime Accountants empowers corporations with comprehensive accounting expertise. They manage financial complexities, optimise tax structures, ensure regulatory compliance and provide strategic insights. This support promotes financial health, efficiency and sustained success for corporations in diverse industries.


Prime Accountants fortifies charities with specialised accounting expertise. They navigate complex nonprofit regulations, manage funds effectively, ensure transparency and offer strategic financial guidance. This support fosters financial integrity, compliance and sustained impact for charitable organisations.