Our Structured Approach

We apply a structured process to the advice that we provide to ensure that you receive consistent and appropriate planning which, at every stage, is in keeping with your short, medium and long term goals.

A structured approach is invaluable for our customers as it ensures clarity, consistency, and efficiency in the services we provide.

This methodical framework enhances communication, streamlines processes, and fosters a transparent and organised experience. Customers benefit from a predictable and reliable service, allowing them to have confidence in our abilities and trust in the outcomes. The structured approach not only facilitates smoother interactions but also enables us to better meet the unique needs and expectations of our valued clients

Stage One – Discovery Meeting

At this meeting, we look to understand your current circumstances and your future goals. Once we understand your needs and aspirations, we can illustrate how we have helped other clients in similar situations and agree if our service is appropriate for you. We will also outline our service charter and the scope of our fees.

Stage Two – Research

Once we have an outline of your existing circumstances, policies and investment products, we will then obtain authority from yourselves to write to your various providers to confirm the charges, risk exposure and general suitability of your existing arrangements to meet your goals.

Stage Three – Inform and Discuss

This is where we present our findings together with our initial considerations. In many cases we will produce a lifetime cashflow model which maps out your financial future, showing your resources and their ability to support your plans, identifying surpluses and shortfalls for discussion.

Stage Four – Refine and Agree

Having received your feedback from our initial proposals, we will now refine and present a solution to you. At this point all costs associated with the individual products will be clearly outlined and agreed prior to moving to the next stage.

Stage Five – Implementation

Once the proposed advice has been agreed we will proceed to the implementation stage. At this point, you will receive a ‘Full Advice and Recommendation Report’ and then, upon your instruction, we will get on with establishing the products and services to meet with your objectives.

Stage Six – Review

We will agree an ongoing service standard with you to meet your current and future expectations. This means an agreed frequency of contact and reporting.

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We are a large enough firm to offer a range of specialist services and proud to do so while retaining a personal approach. We create bespoke packages for clients to meet their needs. Let’s discuss your accountancy requirements and a service level we could provide you and your business.