This week we hosted our biennial quiz raising money for our nominated charities, Zoe's Place in Coventry and SoLO in Solihull. With the venue, quiz master and teams booked in, it was time for the Prime staff to start brushing up on their general knowledge.

16 eager teams arrived at Stonebridge Golf Club ready to put their intelligence to the test in the interactive quiz hosted by Stoo Pittaway. With questions based around every subject, from movies to sport and foods to countries, there was a chance for everyone to contribute to the success of their team.


The evening got off to a roaring start with every team eagerly tapping away in a bid to answer the quickest and have their team's theme tune played, however some teams soon realised it was better to think about it for a few more seconds to ensure their answer was correct. Some questions were easily answered by all, but some left the crowd scratching their heads as they tried to decide what percentage of American dog owners threw parties for their pooches (it was 7% if you were wondering).

With a game of heads or tails during the break and a raffle drawn at the end, an incredible £2000 was raised with proceeds going to our chosen charities who will use these vital funds to support those who need extra care or support those with opportunities that they may not get otherwise.


The overall winners of the night were Ashbourne with 454 points, with Pandamonium following close behind on 445.

The rest were as follows;

  • Abbey Tax - 418
  • Lloyds - 410
  • Queenans Quizzers - 399
  • NC Hammer - 378
  • Alsters Kelley Allstars, 375
  • Go Go Jask Creative - 374
  • Thursfields Solicitors - 370
  • Meridian - 356
  • I am Smarticus - 352,
  • WHizards - 345,
  • Scanlans - 334,
  • We are family - 317
  • The rescuers - 277
  • Universally Challenged - 272

We'd like to thank all of those who made the event possible, including those who kindly donated raffle prizes such as SoLO, Coventry City F.C., Worcester Warriors R.C, Subway, Wasps R.C. and Revolution in Solihull. Finally, thank you to the attendees for making it an enjoyable evening, your donations will be much appreciated and we hope to see you in two years time at the next Charity Quiz Night.


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