Here at Prime we pride ourselves on offering employees a flexible working environment to promote a healthy work life balance. 

We understand that various commitments outside of work can sometimes be unavoidable and family often comes first. By having a number of features to allow our staff flexibility, it means that where days off were once taken, this is now not always necessary. Removing the requirement to take annual leave in such circumstances means that Prime staff are in the office and can respond to clients more efficiently.

Our offices are open to staff between 6am and 8pm, meaning they can complete their days work anytime between these hours, instead of having to commit to the usual 9am to 5pm.

This can often enable parents to share the school run and means whilst one parent drops the children to school, the other can already be in work enabling them to finish early and be at the school gate when the bell rings. By also allowing staff to work extra time and bank up to 5 hours in their flexi bank, it also means that when routine medical appointments come up for themselves or their children and they need to leave work a few hours early or come in a few hours late, they can use the hours they have banked to take this time off and not use their holiday allowance.

By having multiple offices, this also allows flexibility between working spaces as we have hot desks available to staff, in case they are required to work from an office other than their usual one. This is often convenient if a staff member has a meeting with a client in an alternative office, as this allows them to then continue working in the office for the remainder of the day and they do not have to spend time travelling back to their normal desk in their normal office.

Finally, we also have a relaxed dress code in the office, meaning staff can wear relaxed clothes to work rather than business attire. We believe this creates a more modern, relaxed environment for staff to work in and also means we are keeping up with the changing norms within society. We feel this represents who we are as a firm which makes us an attractive proposition to potential employee and clients.

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