HMRC has published the latest edition of the Employer Bulletin. This guidance for employers, and their agents, includes articles on:

€¢ Reporting your payroll information accurately and on time
€¢ Irregular payments and completion of Full Payment Submissions
€¢ Starter Declaration on a Full Payment Submission (FPS)
€¢ PAYE Settlement Agreements and Scottish Income Tax
€¢ National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage ' are you paying the correct rate?
€¢ Advisory Electricity Rate for fully electric company cars
€¢ Welsh Rates of Income Tax
€¢ Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) webinars
€¢ Postgraduate Loans
€¢ Benefits and Expenses: Company cars
€¢ Tax avoidance loan schemes ' settle now
€¢ Completing an EYU in respect of Employee's National Insurance Contributions
€¢ Employment Income: Draft Legislation
€¢ Deadline for post 16 Child Benefit looms.

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