At Prime we are always looking for ways to make our clients' lives easier. Our latest initiative is Receipt Bank, the award­-winning application that links with Xero automatically and converts all your invoices and receipts into data, making it easy for you to import your receipts and invoices into your accounting software.

With Receipt Bank's easy submission methods you'll never lose another receipt or invoice and you will save time as you no longer have to make trips to drop off your paperwork!

 Using Receipt Bank's easy submission methods means that:

  • You save time €‹on sending in your paperwork, time that you can spend on your core business services.
  • You save space as there's no need to retain your physical documents, with all documents easily searchable and securely stored on the cloud.
  • You now have real time information flowing into your accounting package, providing you with insights to improve your business decisions.

If you'd like to get started submitting with Receipt Bank, please get in touch with us by emailing or call 02476518555 and we can get you set up with your Receipt Bank account.

 For instructions on how to use Receipt Bank, please refer to our guide which you access by clicking here.

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