An environmental charity has been able to navigate the complexities of a unique VAT request thanks to our team.

Here at Prime, we work with more than 50 charities, from small clubs and associations to charities with a turnover of more than £1 million.

HMRC support

One of those charities is Hubbub Foundation, an environmental organisation which needed additional support surrounding VAT and tax due to its complex business model.

Hubbub Foundation is an award-winning charity and social enterprise which encourages greener ways of living, working in partnership with businesses wishing to better their environmental impact.

Due to the charity working with grants, donations and trade services, all within one business, VAT and tax are complicated and the Hubbub Foundation has expressed its gratitude to the team here at Prime, who helped the charity come to a unique arrangement with HMRC about how it should manage its tax.

Filling the skills gap

We have been in partnership with Hubbub Foundation since 2016, during which time our team have stepped up to help whenever the charity required our assistance.

Such was the case when our audit and accounts assistant manager Natalija Carlsson stepped in to provide assistance in finance, payroll, management of accounts and bookkeeping for a four-month period while the charity awaited a new head of finance.

Alex Robinson, Hubbub Foundation CEO, said: Natalija had done our audit the previous year and understood not only how the charity worked but also how we as individuals worked.

From the minute she started, she provided continuity within the business. Not only this, but Natalija actively identified ways to improve our systems, including financial reporting and finding efficiencies in our accounting software.

All the while, Natalija was continuously thinking about how she could make a seamless transition for when the finance director joined, ensuring they could hit the ground running; a smooth and thoughtful handover.

Keeping services green

Jeremy Kitson, director at Prime, said: We really enjoy working with Hubbub Foundation and providing support with their audits and advice with complex financial situations.

Here at Prime, we are actively trying to implement greener working practices, which is why we enjoy working with charities such as Hubbub Foundation so much.

We love what the charity does and are proud to be able to help them in whatever way we can.


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