Midlands-based Guhring Ltd is celebrating twice in 2023, as the tool company sees in its 125th anniversary, while it reaches half a century of its inaugural subsidiary in Birmingham.

To mark the occasion, Guhring is paying tribute to Prime Accountants Group, who have been long-term supporters and advisors to the German-based tooling firm since its arrival to UK shores in 1973.

During that time, Guhring has consolidated its British footprint to a new, 60,000 sq ft purpose-built factory facility in Aston, Birmingham, where it has resided since 2017.

Since Guhring became operational outside of Germany in 1973, it has gone from strength-to-strength, with no fewer than 47 subsidiaries now open across the world.

Its Birmingham team use the accountancy services of Prime, also based in the Midlands, for several key functions, including its year-end audit and reporting its financial results back to its Germany HQ.

Chris Weston, managing director of Guhring's subsidiary in Birmingham, said: This year provides two significant milestones to celebrate at Guhring and we're intending to do exactly that. Both the company's 125th anniversary and our Birmingham subsidiary reaching its half century is reason to be thankful for all those who have helped Guhring reach this point.

I joined the firm 24 years ago and have worked my way through the ranks to become managing director six years ago. In that time, I've worked very closely with Morgan, Leigh and the team at Prime Accountants and they've never blinked twice when called upon to support us for any financial services we require.

The quarterly and yearly reporting packs created by Prime which are sent to our Germany HQ is a huge weight lifted from our minds, knowing we can trust such a long-established supplier to generate exactly what is required.

We have a fantastic working relationship with Prime and we hope the next 50 years will continue in much the same vein as the last.

Further to its accountancy reporting and audit services, Guhring has utilised the benefits of Prime's research and development team in order to apply for and earn some significant business grants before the Coronavirus pandemic began in 2020.

During the pandemic, Guhring managed to continue its trading operation thanks to its 60,000 sq ft factory in Birmingham having enough space for social distancing between its employees.

Morgan Davies, director for Prime Accountants Group, said: This year is one of celebration for all at Guhring in Birmingham and across the world, and we're really pleased to have played a small part in their success to this point, as they reach their 50th year of operating in the UK.

Offering a full service approach to accountancy from our three Midlands offices, Prime is well placed to be on-hand to support Guhring in a number of ways. We appreciate our long-term clients and the respect they show towards us to establish such a strong relationship over time.

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