Last Tuesday I spoke at the Prime Accountants Annual Conference (a video of which can be found here). I loved it! 

I'm happy and perform at my best when I am with people who care. In rugby it was about getting stronger, faster, fitter and winning trophies. But really it was about people. Being inspired by their passion, their dedication and the intensity of their effort to live for their values and chase down their dreams.

Listening to the goals being set by the Prime 'family' was just the same and their enthusiasm to take on challenges has inspired me too!

The Partners challenged everyone to accept the responsibility to change things if they knew how to make them better. To become even braver when making decisions, rather having to ask for forgiveness than permission. Prime Accountants are clearly intent on living up to their name, and rather than basking in the glory of achieved growth targets, they set new even more ambitious corporate goals for the coming years. How can Prime support our clients more? How can we help our staff to be even better at what they do? Just because it has always been done that way before, does not mean it should stay that way if they can demonstrate why change is needed. Inspiring stuff!

A couple of things have happened since this presentation that lead me to believe that Prime Accountants will not only achieve these new goals, they will obliterate them!

Firstly, during the staff conference they broke into smaller groups to do some flexibility and stretching exercises, because it is a bit strange to be doing new stuff in front of your work colleagues I wasn't really sure how it would go. But I had nothing to worry about! The Prime team were just themselves, fun independent spirits, keen to learn how to be healthier and best of all happy to give me plenty of stick for my Alan Partridge impressions!

Secondly, they have embarked on a 6 Week Wellness Challenge. The majority of the team have signed up. So don't be surprised if the next time you see a member of our team they look slimmer, healthier and most importantly happier.

So I guess in this blog I just want to say well done to the team and thanks for the inspiration. I've been exercising every day and taking better care of myself too, and I look forward to journey!

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