Just a quick note before we go away for the weekend. I attended a Conference on Wednesday in Birmingham at the NEC

It was all about the UN SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals) and it's left me feeling worried.

The UK recently declared a Climate Emergency'. Sir David Attenborough talked about Global Warming, biodiversity, deforestation, and how much plastic is in our oceans. Apparently a recent IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report points out that we are now less than 12 years away from environmental disaster, with rising poverty and increasing inequality unless we drastically change how we live.

But the Conference was headlined 'The Future of Business Starts Here' and offered practical help and discussions on how businesses can do something about this, by turning Ambition into Action'.

They are calling it 'Mission Possible - Achieving a sustainable Future.' I've copied a link here if you want to have a read.

I'd like to know what you think. Is it likely we can make the shift to a zero-carbon society? Will the so-called Zeronauts' around the World attract the Capital Investment Funds? Apparently recent studies already point out that companies that integrate climate-change into strategic planning see an 18% higher return on investment than those that do not! But Unilever are still supplying 73 billion single use soap pouches to the developing world every year!

The Author of the Forward to the report, Paul Polman, is Chair of the International Chamber of Commerce and Vice Chair of the UN Global Compact initiative. He believes that, 'there are two essential ingredients that can move the dial and get us back on track: more courageous business leadership; and more collaboration to move at scale and speed.'

Polman goes on to say.' Leadership from the business community is absolutely key. Especially as our global governance system is under significant strain, with many governments currently retrenching and questioning the benefits of multilateral cooperation and globalisation. Business needs to step-in and de-risk the process for politicians by creating an ambition-loop', which encourages bolder action and more stretching targets.'

I don't know. Until we start to 'measure what we treasure' I think most people will stay focussed on short-term survival, especially if our politicians keep setting the example!

Unless we all change how we use Energy, Land, Food and Water.

Unless we champion circular regenerative models and increase investment in education, planning, healthcare and diversity I don't know how many more weekends we'll be able to go off camping and kicking a ball about with the kids.

I just don't know who will have the courage to act first and lead!

Lots of love to you and Mum

See you soon

Tim x

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