You might also be thinking what summer? Where did it go? Especially now the autumn chill and rain has returned and that brief heat wave seems a long time ago!

But I have to talk about Stokes and his heroics for the England Cricket Team against the Australians this weekend. What bravery, what concentration, what fitness (and a little bit of luck!) Stokes has kept these Ashes alive, but more importantly he has given every cricket follower hope. And taught us that if there is a chance to win, if we are determined and focus our minds in front of us, one challenge at a time, anything is possible!

We all face challenges, and sometimes to keep going we need to take one step at a time. We should also keep reminding ourselves why we do things, not just what we need to do to survive. Fighting for my family gives me all the energy and determination I need. Working long hours, not always getting the results or recognition my hard work deserves can feel soul destroying. So can battling with the kids when they get bored!

But this summer we've been lucky enough to grab time for a family holiday. If I close my eyes I can still hear and see my kids hurtling down the slides into a swimming pool, and then racing back up to top again to do it over and over. And knowing that they can now all play cricket, because of the time we spent together on a Norfolk beach makes me feel really happy. And what's the point of all this hard work unless we get a chance to enjoy ourselves with the people we love?

My kids may never score a match-winning century like Ben Stokes, but they are learning that working hard running up hills and learning new skills brings rewards and fun! They should also never feel too embarrassed to take part in games of cricket on campsites and playing fields. Feel just a little bit more confident and more likely to make new friends (even Australians) on and off the fields because of it!

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