How to make a 'mountain' into a 'molehill' with focus, self-belief and a strong set of values.

When I wanted to be the best rugby player in the world, making sacrifices was easy. I trained to exhaustion, ate healthily and avoided alcohol. I jumped into ice-baths to aid recovery and was only 'off-duty' a few days a year. It was what I needed to do to achieve my goal and I didn't question it.

Now at 45 years old, I cannot play elite rugby so I don't need to keep up my obsessive training habits. But neither do I get the thrill of running out for Leicester Tigers or England any more. Overnight my goal had shifted. I had to re-evaluate how best to spend my time to maximize my productivity and to find a new team to work with. Most importantly, it's forced me to take stock and figure out what really matters to me.

I guess it's taken about ten years of trying, learning from setbacks, surviving and grinding out the miles just to pay the bills. But the hard work has paid off. I've found my 'ethical innovators' - proven specialists who are not just brilliant at what they do, but also humble and smart enough to work as a team. This is what has attracted me to work with Prime Accountants; supporting and developing some of the most innovative business advisors I know.

Now, when people ask me if I miss playing rugby I can honestly say not too often! I still tell stories about my old teammates and I'll always be proud of how hard we all worked for each other. I had my part to play in some huge sporting victories; five Premierships, back to back European Cups, a Lions Tour and was part of the England set up that went on to win the 2003 Rugby World Cup. Such success proved to me that anything is possible with determination and focus. 'Mountains' can be made to feel more like 'molehills' if you want something bad enough.

Staying true to my beliefs, since rugby, now enables me to work with incredible consultants capable of inspiring better health, higher-performing teams and demonstrating the real advantages of diversity and delegation. I'm happy because I'm once again in the right place, at the right time, feeling the support of an incredible team around me.

I hope that over the coming months we can work together to save you time money and carbon. Once you tell us what you need, we can then use our specialist knowledge and a collective of 'ethical innovators' to help you gain many more business advantages.

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