Nothing at all. Which is why I took up the latter 4 years ago. 

Four years and eight belts later I am now a Black Belt. Being in my 50's I consider that a real achievement. 

So why did I take up kickboxing? The main reason was to do something completely different from the day job; something to test and develop other senses, reactions and skills. Do something to keep active and gain better physical and mental health.

It is a physical hobby, and requires a lot of skills (not to mention muscles) not used driving a desk all day.

Having said that I have come to the realisation that there are striking similarities between forensic accounting; being an expert witness, and kickboxing. To quote our brand Ambassador, Tim Stimpson:

Seldom do the best made plans survive contact with the enemy.'

No matter how well I have prepared for cross examination, a meeting of experts, or a mediation or how much I think I know about the case, it is not until I get into the witness box, meeting or mediation, or as Tim puts it in the midst of battle that I can really fully appreciate what is needed to deal with the situation.

Over the years doing the day job I have realised that I cannot predict exactly how Counsel will attack my report, or how my opposite number will respond to the pressure. To survive the stress and pressure that that places on me I must approach the battle by dealing with the facts, and present my opinion in completely honest way.

The discipline required to achieve the status of Black Belt 1st Dan has strengthened my mental approach to stressful situations and at the end of the day I know I have a punch bag in the gym at home and some well practiced moves if I need an outlet for the stress of the day job.

Finally if anyone is interested in trying kickboxing I can highly recommend it and my instructor, Dean Crazylegs Williams. Get in touch with me or the Professional Kickboxing Association direct.


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