Partner and Shareholder Disputes

Partner and shareholder disputes can be damaging and sometimes fatal to a business. The input of an experienced forensic accountant at an early stage can help to focus the financial aspects, and help the parties resolve issues before any lasting damage is done to the business.

Our team of forensic accountants regularly deal with share valuation, quasi-partnerships, fair value quantification and minority discount arguments within wider partner and shareholder disputes.

The key to many such disputes is the value attributed to the business and the individuals interest in the business, either by partnership share or by share ownership. Our extensive business valuation experience can be extremely valuable in assisting parties to reach a resolution that they can all live with.

Understanding the parties views and positions is key to providing constructive advice on the resolution of the dispute. Managing their expectations is critical and can lead to a far more cost effective resolution of the dispute.

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Our team have the appropriate knowledge and experience to advice shareholders and solicitors on the issues detailed above. Independent expert advice can be critical to ensuring a successful commercial outcome for the business and fair result for the parties. Please contact us today to discuss this in more detail.