Personal injury and fatal accident

Our forensic accountants have been appointed to quantify the loss of earnings incurred as a result of personal injury and fatal accident cases, across a wide variety of industries. Our experts can advise on the schedule of loss and any counter schedule, and provide expert witness reports quantifying loss of earnings if required. We have the experience of acting for the claimant, defendant and as single joint expert in such matters.

Understanding of the claimants business both before and after the accident is fundamental to quantifying the loss of earnings arising. The claimant’s earning capacity is often an area where weaker reports fall over. Our forensic accountants have successfully challenged reports which suggest the claimant would have increased sales significantly but for the accident, but fail to consider the critical and limiting factor of the claimants own time. Our experts therefore approach a loss of earnings the same way whether it is for a claimant, defendant or as an Single Joint Expert, to ensure a robust calculation of compensation due.

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