Stanley Yule is part of the Prime Accountants Group

Stanley Yule was a long-standing firm of Chartered Accountants with a rich history spanning nearly 100 years.

Working predominantly with small and medium-sized businesses, Stanley Yule was also known for its specialist work with academies and charities. 

The decision to be acquired by Prime in October 2021 stemmed from aligning business values; placing people at the centre, a shared client approach and excellent reputations, making a perfect partnership. The previous two years have been a time of transition, however, now Stanley Yule will be merged into the Prime Accountants Group. By sharing knowledge, specialist skills and resources, Prime can continue to provide top-tier services to its existing and acquired clients. 

Prime boasts six overarching services with highly experienced and skilled directors in each department, totalling ten across the firm. Stanley Yule’s directors have joined the already impressive line-up as consultants, enabling clients access to a breadth of accounting specialists and a seamless transition into Prime.


Stanley Yule and Prime both hold an impressive portfolio of services, offering financial help and advice in tax, acquisitions and mergers, bookkeeping, payroll, forensic, and audits and accounts. Partnering with Prime has bolstered its service offering with a wider team of experts, whilst in keeping with the personal approach to client care, a core part of its shared business model. 

Stanley Yule clients also have access to financial planning advice and help, thanks to the Prime Wealth arm of the Prime Accountants Group. 

Stanley Yule: professionalism and personalisation

Stanley Yule was a specialist in academies, charities, owner managed businesses and pensions, all of which have been warmly welcomed by Prime Accountants, adding to its impressive client roster covering a range of industries. Through this acquisition, the wealth of industry knowledge Stanley Yule brings with it not only remains consistent but is complemented by Prime’s existing clients, including more than 50 charities, manufacturing businesses and many more organisations. 

Through this transition, Stanley Yule and its clients can rest assured that Prime upholds the same professionalism and personalisation Stanley Yule excelled at throughout its near 100 years in business.

Stanley Yule had an impressive client base, with many retained for more than 10 years with the firm, underlining its shared values with Prime; harbouring trust, providing practical advice, and placing the needs of the client above all else. 


Ian Grainger, finance director at EH Smith Builders Merchants:

“We were one of the companies who transitioned to Prime Accountants during its Stanley Yule acquisition. We can honestly say it was a seamless process and have experienced first-hand the increased service offering we are now able to utilise."
"Not only was the transition transparent and professional, but Prime’s extensive team of accounting specialists were able to help us deliver a group restructure that we had been pursuing for a number of years."
"Adding to this, thanks to Prime’s service offering we were also able to conduct our own acquisition in 2022, in which Prime were instrumental during the due diligence and integration stages; a complex and lengthy process."
"We are extremely happy with Prime and the service that they have been able to provide us here at EH Smith.”